Conventional Condo Approval Process

What is FNMA?

Also known as Fannie Mae, the Federal National Mortgage Association (FNMA) is a government-backed enterprise that buys and securitizes mortgages. FNMA aims to provide affordable housing financing options to low and moderate-income families nationwide.

Why is FNMA Approval Important for Condos?

If you’re looking to sell your condo unit, FNMA approval can make your property more appealing to potential buyers. Most lenders require FNMA approval before they can greenlight a mortgage loan, which many homebuyers rely on to finance their purchase.

Eligibility Criteria for FNMA Condo Approval

At American Condo Approvals, we specialize in securing HUD/FHA, VA, and FNMA approval for condominium communities. Our team of experienced developers, HOA directors, property managers, and project consultants has mastered the art of project approval across the nation, and we’re eager to work for you.

For FNMA condo approval, your condo association must fulfill certain criteria:

  • The condo project must consist of at least two units.
  • No single entity (individual, investor, or company) may own more than 10% of the units in the development.
  • The project must have adequate insurance coverage.
  • The project must have a budget that is sufficient to cover the maintenance and repair of the common areas and facilities.
  • The condo project must have at least 51% of its units designated as primary residences or second homes.
  • No more than 10% of the units can be owned by a single entity, such as an investor or developer.
  • The project’s homeowners association (HOA) must be controlled by the unit owners, and there should not be any conflicts of interest between the HOA and the developer or any other party.
  • The project must have a minimum of 10% of its budget set aside in reserves for capital expenditures and deferred maintenance.
  • The project must not have any pending lawsuits or legal actions against it that may affect its financial stability or viability.
  • The project must have at least 90% of its units sold or under contract, with no more than 10% of the units held by a single investor or entity.
  • The project must not have any commercial space that exceeds 35% of the total project square footage.

How We Can Help

We at American Condo Approvals are experienced in working with condo associations, developers, and lenders. Our services include:

  • Reviewing your condo association’s governing documents for FNMA compliance.
  • Assisting with the FNMA project eligibility questionnaire.
  • Obtaining and reviewing financial and legal documents required for FNMA approval.
  • Collaborating with lenders for a smooth and timely approval process.

Why Choose American Condo Approvals?

Our team comprises experienced real estate consultants dedicated to simplifying the complex condo approval process for our clients. We take pride in our successful track record of obtaining FNMA approvals for condos of all sizes. Reach out to us today to learn how we can facilitate your condo’s FNMA approval.