What to Expect working with American Condo Approvals

Are you interested in having your condominium complex approved by FHA, FNMA or the VA? Contact us and we’ll quickly assess if your complex is eligible.

How We Simplify the Condo Approval Process for You

At American Condo Approvals, we understand the complexities of the approval process and are here to help. Our submission packages can sometimes be 200-400 pages in total with very detailed submission notes that avoid the common mistakes most make by not understanding the intricacies of the requirements.

  • Recorded amendments
  • Condo plans
  • FEMA maps
  • Plat maps
  • FHA-specific application forms
  • Submission notes
  • Communication with HUD
  • An overview synopsis
  • Exception applications
  • HOA budget and reserve studies
  • Declaration and bylaw reviews
  • Legal phasing strategies
  • Marketing assistance

Our Process

After reviewing your condominium’s project needs, we'll send you a customized checklist of necessary items for approvals.
We review your legal and financial documents and assess necessary changes if applicable.
If changes are needed, we'll either connect with your attorney and indicate the problem areas or recommend specific changes for you to make if the fixes are simple prior to submitting to HUD.
We collect necessary information to complete the application and submit it to the appropriate review office.
We serve as the main point of contact for reviewers and inform you immediately upon approval.
No payment is taken until project approval, although we may require a partial deposit, which is fully refundable if the project is not approved.

With a 100% approval rate for the condominiums we’ve helped since 2011, you can trust that we understand the intricacies of what HUD will accept and won’t accept. Don’t struggle through the approval process on your own. Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can help you get approved.

Exception applications and legal phasing strategies can help you get approval for complex condominium projects that don’t fit the standard criteria. Contact us today to discuss your needs and how we can help.