About American Condo Approvals

Founded in 2011, we at American Condo Approvals have carved a niche in guiding condominium communities nationwide through HUD/FHA, VA, and FNMA approval processes. From our humble beginnings in Texas, we’ve broadened our reach thanks to our growth and solid reputation. Let us leverage our years of experience to help your community.

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Why choose us?

Our team of dedicated real estate professionals brings to the table experience in development, HOA management, property management, and project consultancy. We understand the hurdles to project approval and are prepared to use our insights to your advantage.

Who we work with?

Your key role involves protecting property values. With many condo buyers today relying on FHA, FNMA, and VA guaranteed mortgages, it’s vital for your community to secure approval. Without it, you risk price reductions to move units. Let us guide you through the initial approval or re-certification process, ensuring a smooth, hassle-free experience.

We’re ready to help you and your clients achieve project approval, ensuring compliance with the latest requirements. Whether you need us as a subcontractor, team member, or direct client consultant, we’re here to assist.

Your project’s financial success hinges on the speed of your unit sales. We can facilitate FHA, FNMA, and VA approvals for your complex, optimizing your prospect’s financing options and accelerating unit closings.

We’re on hand to guide you through updates to Pre-HRAP/DELRAP approvals and new application requirements for projects last approved before January 1, 2000.

We can help navigate the mountains of paperwork and mitigate financial risks tied to your comprehensive “reps and warranties”. Consider delegating the entire application process to us.

Whether you need a free phone consultation or assistance submitting an application, we offer tailored support every step of the way. 


How we can help

We specialize in getting condominium communities approved for participation in mortgage insurance programs at HUD/FHA, VA, and FNMA. Our experienced team of real estate professionals is ready to guide you through the approval process.

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With years of experience and a perfect submission record, American Condo Approval has the knowledge and skills needed to help navigate the complex process of getting a condominium complex approved by FHA, FNMA, or the VA.


Our services range from consulting on application submissions to collaborating with clients on compliance issues. We even serve as the primary point of contact with reviewers, streamlining the process for you.

Our expertise enables us to secure faster-than-average approval times, swiftly transitioning clients from non-compliant status to full compliance.

In addition to our core services, we offer consulting on exception applications, HOA budget and reserve studies, legal phasing strategies, and more. Whether you need a free consultation to evaluate your project’s compliance or assistance with application submissions, we’re here to provide personalized support every step of the journe

Beyond our core services, American Condo Approval also offers consulting on exception applications, HOA budget and reserve studies, legal phasing strategies, and more.